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The charm of Hello Kitty Videos

Hello Kitty is a brand so successful that it could not stop having its own series, that is why we can find thousands of videos on the internet, where we can melt with tenderness with each episode. This little kitten with its bow of decoration in her little ear is made to love easily, no one can resist to see her.

It was in the year 1986 when the Hello Kitty series made its appearance in a series released for Americans with an alliance with Japanese producers and since then has taken over the virtual world with its beauty, everyone loves to see it.

Just by putting hello kity videos in the search engine and thousands of options will appear that we can appreciate, everything can be very nice to see because Hello Kitty is a brand that persists as a living legend, could be said to have been born to stay.

A video of Hello Kitty emanates tenderness, is that it is the loveliest thing you can see, there is no way to refuse to see it and you can see that you wear your wardrobe of colors, the colors of your clothes are as cute as this little kitten that Is made to love easily, for his demonstration of love to his friends that we can meet and see how spending time together is part of a great diversion.

Every successful brand that encompasses different types of market, assures us that it will be in charge of producing and making videos about its successful product, that is why we can find different Hello Kitty videos where we can know more in detail the world of this beautiful kitten that has Managed to have the attention of many people in the world.

Hello Kitty is part of the lives of many people, who are fascinated by a little tender kitten that cannot be avoided loving it and that becomes your favorite, from a sticker to a shirt with the image of Hello Kitty are part of society, Was created its own series of animated videos where you can find more reasons to love Kitty, in this way does not go unnoticed and has kept going through every territory that has wanted.

Hello Kitty videos with family and friends

It is inevitable not to feel brought by Hello Kitty, everyone loves this cute kitten that emanates tenderness, that is why we can find animated videos created by Japanese companies about the life of Hello Kitty, where it opens the door to meet their friends.

It is for the year 1991 that Hello Kitty and his friends made their appearance in both Japan and the United States, being an animated series of 13 episodes where we met the best friends of Hello Kitty because friendship is something we should always value and Take care, friends are the brothers that life gives us.

Hello Kitty and her friends in just 13 episodes give us fun and entertainment, they will share the best moments, so you have the opportunity to meet Hello Kitty's best friends like Pekkle, Keroppi, Pochacco, Patty and Jimmy.

This series is available on DVD so the 13 episodes will be available to you on video for when you want to see them, when you want to keep your children entertained, nephews at the time of family visits, a way to keep children appreciating that friendship is a very important value in life.

This collection on DVD containing six CDs comes with 13 episodes of the series on video, plus special editions of Hello Kitty videos where you can find, Fairy Tale Fantasy (Vol. 1) containing 4 videos, Summer of Fun (Vol. 2) brings five full episodes of entertainment, Timeless Tales (Vol. 3) with a 4-episode content, Let's Be Friends (Vol. 4) where through 5 episodes you'll have fun watching Hello Kitty and her friends, Princess Dreams (Vol. 5) The name indicates what this is about and in 4 episodes you will see Kitty dreaming of being a princess.

And the content of this DVD collection does not end, its content continues to spread with Holiday Magic (Vol. 6) where through 6 chapters we can appreciate the arrival of Christmas, Basket of Fun (Vol. 7) are 5 chapters where we can Know all the dreams of Hello Kitty and Keroppi and finally this collection of videos on DVD has special chapters with Holiday Fun (Bonus) where for 3 chapters we will see Hello Kitty, Keroppi and Pochacco enjoying the fun.

Being a collection of the series realized in 1989 until 1993 but in spite of the time, it stays in force in videos that we can find, to obtain and to buy to have in our houses and to let the little ones enjoy to see these videos at any time of the day, A chapter is full of adventures and dreams, colors and entertainment to enjoy.

The wonderful adventures in Hello Kitty Videos

It’s for 2008 that makes its appearance with fifty-two episodes where Hello Kitty and his friends will live wonderful adventures, are five friends the companions of Hello Kitty in every adventure they undertake. It was a series transmitted in more than 19 countries, which means that it was translated into different languages because for Hello Kitty there are no borders or language barrier that prevents you from reaching the screen of your fans.

In addition to its appearance in 2008 was also awarded two awards for the recognition of its good work and those awards were the Hong Kong ICT Awards and DigiCon who at no time spared to reward the creators of these virtual videos Hello Kitty and Your friends on adventures full of fun and entertainment.

With 52 episodes this animated series wants to show us and give us an approach to friendship, values, family and happiness, being created especially for children from 2 to 10 years old, who find themselves in the stage of childhood and enjoy watching animated videos, a way to entertain and instill values.