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Hello Kitty store, online store with exclusive products

Hello Kitty Shop is the project we created several years ago to offer all the best products on the sympathetic character Hello Kitty. Hello Kity Store is constantly subjected to a highly selective refinement process product quality, price, and popularity.

As a company we recognize that our success is based on excellent customer service and satisfaction. For that, we carefully choose the best products and the most innovative. In conjunction with the website, animation lovers are now able to find and buy quality animation characters online efficiently and at excellent prices from Helo Kitty Store.

The products offered on the website are authentic and authorized products from the original manufacturers. Prices are competitive, the process takes a few clicks and shipping is at home. We have a wide selection of products. All with the same excellent quality.

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Operations at the Hello Kitty shop are guaranteed. Encryption standard online transaction credit card SSL is used, which prevents a third party from unauthorized credit card information access.

Items will normally be despatched within 24 hours of order express carrier using a reputable and reliable source to minimize the possibility of loss or damage. Thus in a few days you will receive your order Hello Kitty Shop directly to your home.

In the case of damaged merchandise or dissatisfaction for any reason, the Hello Kity store will exchange or refund the goods in accordance with the procedures established in reimbursement policies. All applications will be suitably processed to ensure customer satisfaction.

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You can find this video and many more on our Youtube Channel. Do not forget to visit our Hello Kitty Videos !

In addition we are a company committed to the environment, so they should know that all our shipments recycled paper boxes are used to help our ecosystem.

Our company sets high standards for its expertise in the Hello Kitty store when you shop with us. Our goal is to be a place where visitors and team members always find more than you expect. Our mission and values set the stage and everyday innovation, teamwork and community partnerships that reflect who we are.

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Who is the character of Hello Kitty Store ?

In the real world, Hello Kitty was born in London in 1974. More precisely, November 1, 1974, Sanrio introduced the first picture of Hello Kitty.

She lives in the suburbs outside London with her father, George White, his mother, Mary White, and her twin sister, Mimmy White. Yes, Hello Kitty is a nickname for Kitty White and his birth certificate Kitty White appears.

In Sanrio's website states that Kitty is a cheerful little character, kindhearted, who likes baking cookies;. That's his strong But what she likes most is to eat a little of their apple pie ". Among his favorite things candies, stars, and goldfish are included. She enjoys reading and drawing too.

In 1993, Sanrio has a boyfriend for her, a kitten look-alike named Daniel. The two playmates rarely had appointments because Daniel is perpetually on an African safari with his family (his father is a photographer).

The correspondence is one of the pillars of Hello Kitty, hence his fondness for stationery. Initially, Hello Kitty had no name. It was first seen as a kitten with a red bow on her left ear sitting. However, Hello Kitty instantly attracted respect and love of thousands of people in Japan with its design and sympathetic character, which turned Hello Kitty into an instant celebrity.

This cute kitty was finally given him a name, Hello Kitty. The first issue featured Hello Kitty was a wallet, which was a very small bag with a picture of Hello Kitty on your side. Hello Kitty family also introduced into the products.

The company made a Hello Kitty sitting on an airplane, piloting it. It was a very simple image of Hello Kitty on a plane with his head sticking out. A school kids loved it, even high school students and some adults are attracted to this new design felt.

In 1980 the range of Hello Kitty items on sale expanded to offer phones and cameras and more electronic products, which continued to increase year after year. In 1983 Hello Kitty was named ambassador for UNICEF children in the US

In 1989, a sitcom about Hello Kitty went on sale in America. This attracted even more fans because the reader could really get a feel closer to Hello Kitty, friends, family and life.

Hello Kitty Store In addition you will find office accessories and products for school events like birthdays and communions, fashion items and accessories.

We have a full session of accessories like bracelets, watches, jewelry and earrings. The section for home consists of kitchen utensils, molds, bedspreads, sheets, bedspreads, duvets. Your car and your bike will have their products Hello Kitty and stuffed animals and toys, suitcases and electronic products such as mobile phones and devices of last generation to the younger.

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New area you will find all the latest products from Hello Kitty. In the Outlet section, we offer attractive offers you will agree, since they are products of other seasons or the shop decided to place them in liquidation because they are the latest units.

You'll also find our shop Hello Kitty on social networks Facebook, Twitter and others. We have our Blog Hello Kitty, where you can participate in the comments and suggestions and read the latest news.

Loans collaboration and work closely with various national and international suppliers, who have industry leadership and always have the latest.