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Do you know Hello Kitty Song ?

Sometimes I like to think that Hello Kitty is as famous as the Beatles. I'm not exaggerating, although this reconocible character was created in Japan in 1974 by Yuko Shimuzu, almost all the girls in the world, at least for the last three generations, are able to identify her. There is something magical, tender and unforgettable in this animated character without a mouth that has been capable of engaging in a direct dialogue with our heart and has been present in the life of almost all girls in different cultures. There are hundreds of products adorned with the recognizable an amicable silhouette with small eyes and pink bow: toys, coloring books, purses, backpacks, stationary, even cars and planes, as well as animated series on television. So, it's not surprising that we can find music dedicated to the famous kitten. Hello Kitty's song is a global phenomenon.

Hello Kitty Song Music Album

Hello Kitty is an omnipresent character in the media. She has her own animated TV series, where she plays with her friends and is the protagonist of more than 20 video games and even her own musical album. Produced by Lakeshore Records and released on March 17, 2009 this album collects eleven tracks composed and inspired by the aesthetic of the whimsical and lovely cat. There are Hello Kitty songs like Sweeter than Sweet by Emma Hunton and “Take it Easy” by The Seventeens better know as the Chococat's jam. A proper shout out to track number three: Hello Kitty, a song by Mandy Ventrice.

The Hello Kitty Music Album is a fresh, bubbly, girly and fun compillation of dance-pop songs, perfect for dancing with friends in summer, or while enjoying a nice slumber party. There is something positive, fresh and confident in almost all the lyrics, like an open invitation to all girls to love herself and learning to appreciate all positive things in life. A serious self-esteem pump made in catchy and sweet music, suitable to all ages, from tweens to young adults.

Hello Kitty Song in TV Shows

There is a new animated show that depicts the Hello Kitty and her Friends adventures. In short but lovely episodes, we can enjoy the special kind of relationship between kitty an her friends, the life lessons about friendship and love. The special feature are the gorgeous songs specially made in order to tell the stories. There are songs for almost everything, with cute lyrics and sweet melodies.

The friends songs

Dance Compilation

These are a compilation of short songs, interpreted by Hello Kitty and friends like Daniel, Keroppi and Badtz Maru. They sing abut being themselves and feeling loved by their friends; because there's no space to feeling lonely or sad when real friends are around. Also, kids can learn that friends are everywhere and it doesn't matter how different or far away friends are, there's always a place in the heart for true friendship.

These Hello Kitty songs are together to make a funny, silly and bubbly dance compilation, where you'll find lovely tunes to sing along a dance to. There's a general vibe of happiness, made with upbeat rythms and cheery tunes like Sing Along, Hide and Seek. Follow Me and Gonna Be a Star. Get ready to shake your body and dance with your favorite kitty.

Love Songs

If there is a relationship goal, that is the one between Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty. You'll find a lovely, romantic and soft medley of love songs. Let's revive a cute love story, told from differents angles. There's no way to avoid melting if you're listening Dear Daniel playing the piano to his princess Kitty.

Hello Kitty Greatest Hits

If Hello Kitty is your favorite character, then you'll love this great medley. This video have all those greatest songs made to tell all her stories on the 52 episodes of the show. Sweet, lovely, friendly and caring, here are all her best songs, so cute and powerfull enough to erradicate loneliness from your heart and trace a new smile across your face.

Fisherman Rap

Believe it or not, there is more than pop and catchy tunes on the Hello Kitty Show. Badtz Maru is able to deliver some cute but still cool rap about his skills as a fisherman. Still craving some sick rhymes by one of the coolest Kitty's friend? Then check this video.

Brush your Teeth

My melody teachs us about the vital improtance of brushing properly your teeth. If you're looking for some cute tune that can compels your small kids to keep their dental hygiene, this is the perfect song.

The Color Red

These My Melody and Hello Kitty's song I just a hymn made to express their irredimable love for the color red, present in all thing they love: apples, bows and even their friends.

Growing up

There' something melancholic in growing up, even more whe you think that being older means no fun things like birthday cakes and park slides. But our friend Hello Kitty reminds us that there is no getting older if you keep being young at heart.

Hello Kitty Song by Avril Lavigne

On 2014, canadian pop-rock singer Avril Lavigne declared her irredimible love to all-things Hello Kitty by composing a EDM-dubstep-Jpop song named after the famous cat. With a controversial video, this song was really popular among teens around the world. Catchy and bouncy tune, silly lyrics and a video based on the japanese aesthetic, Lavigne was the center of a lot of critics, that accused her of cultural appropiation because of her kawaii attire, dance troupe and stereotipical depiction of japanese culture. Controversial or not, Hello Kitty song video was awarded with the VEVO Certified Awards in 2016 for getting more than 100.000.000 views on Youtube and, in words of the singer, it's just a tribute to her favorite character, the cute Hello Kitty and also a way to reach to her japanese and asian fanatics.