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Hello Kitty House

Hello Kitty House is a dream for girls

Hello Kitty is, for sure, the favorite and most popular cat in the world. Created in 1974 by the designer Yuko Shimizu, who designed the character for Sanrio. The first appearance of the character was in a vinyl coin pouch, and the rest is history, Sanrio has developed an infinite gamma of products with her image, from apparel and accessories to incredible items as can be diamonds necklaces or a wide range of home decor.

Her real name is Kitty White and born on November 1st; she is from London and has a numerous family. She is kind and friendly and loves the apples pies what her mother make for her and her little sister.

In 2014 the executives of Sanrio declared that Hello Kitty isn't a cat but a little girl "Hello Kitty is not a cat. She's a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She's never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature." They say. Besides it is well know that the character was designed to semblance a white Japanese bobtail cat.

About the design of the character, Yuko Shimizu declared that her character doesn’t have a mouth just for when the people look her face they can make they own interpretation of what she is feeling, in this way when people feel happy they can see a happy look in the Hello Kitty face.

Her popularity has given the character a lot of series, movies and even video games all produced between 1987 and our days. Besides of that, and all the merchandise, Hello Kitty has the most insane establishments. In the world, especially in Asia you can see Restaurants and Stores dedicated only to satisfy the desires of the fans, these places are all decorated in pinks and red bows, just like the sweet kitty, offering all the products and services inspired in the beloved character.

Hello Kitty House: The cutest place in the World

In Bangkok, Thailand; is located the Restaurant - Café Hello Kity House where people can enjoy the most sweet and beautiful cakes and deserts with this theme. All the rooms are decorated with a lot of little cats where the principal protagonist is, of course, the popular Sanrio Kitty. In the Helo Kitty House people can access 3 floors; the first is for the restaurant where, besides all the desserts you can drink delicious coffees with artistic kitties draw in the coffee foam. The next floor is a shop where you can buy a lot of merchandise and take pictures with great sculptures; and the last one that is a thematic Spa where you can make your nail with cute designs. If you want to visit this Thailand Hello Kity House, you need to make a reservation with plenty of time, and be prepared because this place have a lot of people coming every day.

In Malaysia is Located Hello Kitty Town, a thematic park with multiple indoor activities, ideally for little kids and big fans. They have many sculptures great for take the best’s pictures. One of the attractions is a Hello Kitty House were kids can enter and play in a creative and fun pink place. They have trains and a show where the Sanrio characters are the protagonist. Here also serve allegoric food like Ice cream, coffees and cookies.

But if you are a truly fan of this kawaii Kitty you need to go to Japan. In this country you can find the most incredible Sanrio Stores and cafes. Buildings of multiples floors full of all the merchandise you can imagine. Plushies, accessories, apparel, key rings, bags and pouches, notebooks, school items, kitchen items, toys, decoration and a big list of all kind of items are a part of what you can find in these incredible places. In the thematic restaurants you can find a wide range of food, included sushi rolls with the form of kitty face and bright edible colors.

The Hello Kitty House of your dreams

In Shanghai you can find the Kitty House, this is a house entirely decorated with images of the character. All the structure of this Kitty House has the elements and details of the cute white cat. All in here is pink and have big red bows in a delicate and enchanted way that catch the attention of fans and non-fans of the character. In this place the walls, the floor, all the decoration, curtains, carpets, lamps, tables, chairs, furniture absolutely all are designed to fit the theme.

The Kitty House can be rent for stay; you can make a reservation just like any hotel. Actually there are two Hello Kity Houses, one next to the other, and both have beautiful gardens with perfect grass and flowers.

I hope you have enjoy this bit of information about this beloved cat, if you are not a fan maybe be hard for you understand why people put so much effort in all this kind of thing but I assure you that for the most of the fans that grew up with this Cat and her beloved friends the Hello Kitty World have a lot of meaning and fun.

Hello Kitty House, a game for your little girls

If you are a fan maybe you be happy if your kids share your love for this kind and sweet kitty with you. It is easy make that the little ones enjoy her adventures in the series: “Hello Kitty Furry Tales”, “Hello Kitty and Friends” and Hello Kitty Paradise; you can show the movies too.

I left you a simple video game that you can show up to your little girl for her to play and enjoy. The game name is Kitty House, in there her friends call to say they are coming to Kitty House just when is a total disaster, so we can help to clean up and even paint and redecorate the hello kitty house in pretty colors and patterns.