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Hello Kitty Games, the compilation of the funniest games

Hello Kitty welcomes you to the best compilation Games, with them you will spend hours and hours of fun and entertainment, always with the best company, your best friend, the sweet kitty Hello Kitty. Here in our website Helo Kitty Games you will find endless games of all kinds, fashion, cooking, sports, gardening, decoration, etc ..

Here you have a video demonstration of the Games which you will find:

Below you will enjoy the best compilation of Hello Kity Games, ideal for fun with Kitty:

Game Alarm Clock

Hello Kitty Games
Decorate and design alarm clocks Kitty fashion one you like.

Game Decorate your Cake

Hello Kitty Games
Click on the buttons in the menu to decorate and design your cake Kitty.

Game The Truck

Hello Kitty Games
Choose your favorite character truck and try to complete all levels.

Game Ping Pong

Hello Kitty Games
Play Ping-Pong with Kitty. Try to win the game of 21 points.

Game Change Costume

Hello Kitty Games
Dress Green HKitty and combines their costumes.

Game Decorate your Bag

Hello Kitty Games
Design your school bag with Kitty decorations.

Game Birthday Party

Hello Kitty Games
Try to decorate the room for Kitty celebrate his birthday.

Game Cleaning the Bathroom

Hello Kitty Games
Help the kitten Kitty to tidy the bathroom.

Games has always been with us, since the beginning of time as human we tried very hard to entertain ourselves with all the things that our mind can create as a diversion. And of course, this kind of distraction has evolved whit us across the time and now exist a game with almost every single thing that can imagine, it is something very beautiful actually because it means that we still care about our minds. The world of Hello Kitti games proves us the huge variety that we can find with something so small as a carton character.

Since the moment of the creation of the character and the impulse that have been experiment across the years, Sanrio has always find the proper ways to merchandise the image of Hello Kitty, and the games have been a truly effective for this particular purpose. That’s the reason you can find the image or the draw of Hello Kitty in almost everything that you can imagine.

The popular culture and Hello Kitty Games

As we said previously, games have been there with us since who knows when, but they have also evolved in the same way that we do, and need to do. In other eras of the culture, games where more independent that they are in today’s world.

The popular culture, for bad or good, has change the way we see things. And now even the world of games has change in order to adapt. Hello Kitty games are everywhere you turn around. From card games to memory games. The face of this Kitty is used in many of the front of the games we have today, from the most popular to those who are for example, very particular to a single culture.

Sanrio have business with many of the company that develops those awesome games that we all know it. For example, you can find a Hello Kitty Monopoly, or a Hello Kitty UNO (the card game), a Hello Kitty Scrabble for kids to help give their first steps in the creation of language.

Hello Kitty Video Games

As you probably know, Hello Kitty is a worldwide phenomenon, since the moment Sanrio put it in the market in 1974, the mouthless Kitty has change a very important part of the culture in Japan of course, but also around the entire World.

In the particular field of Hello Kitty games, the video games that exists where never launch outside of Japan, probably because the developers think that the game wouldn’t be so popular outside de Japan territory, we don’t know the reasons. But finally, the thing is that the video games world has been touched by the phenomenon of Hello Kitty as much as any other market around the world.

The first Hello Kitty game in the video game field was in 1992 and it was a game for the NES console (Nintendo Entertainment System). After that 13 games are created for the world of this particular character of the contemporary Japanese culture. Some of this games are:

  • Dance Dance Revolution (1999): The Hello Kitty version for the popular game Dance Dance Revolution.
  • Happy Party Pals (2005): This is an adventure game that leads the Kitty to a very variable passengers and imagination worlds.
  • Roller Rescue (2005): This game was launched for PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube and like the one before, it was an adventure game.
  • Big City Dreams (2008): This game was very interactive because puts Hello Kitty in the position of kwoing a lot of new friends in a big city.
  • Online (2009): This was a PC game, very cool because allows you to create your own mini monster, so you can relate latter with other little fellas in the online world. Besides you can put the characters that you create to do some hard work like farming.

This games were popular in Japan but you don’t truly know if that was because the character himself of because the game was good, but that does not matter anyway. The point, as you can see, is that the Hello Kity games can also have a very strong presence in the video game world. Sanrio and their developers are always working in new ways to sell the imagine of their star personage.

Hello Kitty Online Games

They are several online pages in the web when you can play Kitty games with very friendly interfaces and perfect for your kids in case they are bored or something. As a distraction, it works perfectly fine. Some of those pages are:

  • GameKidGame: in this page, you will find some games that your kind can enjoy. It’s very secure and does not need lots of plugins to run, only the basic Adobe Flash Player.
  • HelloKittyGamesFree: in here you will find more than 20 Kitty games, all very cool an easy to play. Although it have some advertising here and there, it still pretty safe for your kids to play in it.
  • SanrioTown: this page is very cool because allows you to search amount a lot of content related to all the other characters in the Sanrio world. In addition to that have online games, minigames, online forums, a blog when you can check some very awesome content, and links to Google Play Store where you can download a Hello Kitty game called Hello Kitty Jewell Town, very easy to play a does not occupied a lot of space in your phone or tablet.

Remember always ask your parents before you enter in any of these websites. You don’t want to have any problem in the future, right? Also, if you go to you can find a some other games to download and play it

Well, as you can see. The Hello Kitty phenomenon is even there, in the world of entertainment. Always creating new content and developing new ideas to bring us a very cool content to enjoy in our home or in our phone or table devices.