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How do you make a Hello Kitty Cake ?

Hello Kitty is a fictional character that was created in 1974. It is a Japanese white cat inspired character with a red bow that today represents a whole franchise. Its cute design made it super popular all over the world. Today there are entire stores that are dedicated to Hello Kitty products. The products include clothes, bags, shoes, stationary items, make up and perfume in addition to edible products. Although the character was originally designed as a toy for young children, today the franchise represents a whole industry that is all made possible by the creation of this lovable character. The Cake is a popular cake design because it is simple and beautiful. The character is equally liked by girls and boys and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular to order a Cake on different occasions. Many children love to have a Cake on their birthdays. Of course, you can order a cake from a caterer in any design you need, but if you want to save money and perhaps have some quality time with your kids then you make the cake yourself. In this article we will explain the steps to how to make a Hello Kitty Cake at your home.

What are the steps to make a Hello Kitty Cake ?

The Hello Kity Cake is very easy and fast to make if you have the right tools and ingredients. All you need is any basic cake of any flavor that you prefer, some fondant that has to be prepared and left to rest for 8 hours before use, and a few simple decorations. You don’t have to make the fondant yourself. You can easily buy some white fondant and some food coloring and you will be good to go.

Fondant Kitty Cake
  • Prepare the fondant needed for the Hello Kitty Cake. It can be bought at the local store. You need to buy white, pink, yellow and black fondant. If you don’t have colored fondant available, you can easily add some food coloring.
  • Roll the fondant in your hands until it is smooth. Use a fondant smoother to make one side of the fondant flat. This is will be the belly side of the cat.

  • Roll fondant hands
  • Roll 2 small parts of the white fondant for the character’s legs.

  • Roll parts fondant
  • Use a small round piping tip to cut the white polka dots that will make up for the character’s dress. In order to stick the white polka dots to the pink body you need to wet their back with water and attach them to the body.

  • Make up character dress
  • Shape the arms with a pointy end for the thumb. Again wet them to attach them to the character’s body.

  • Shape arms with fondant
  • You can add a small piece of pink fondant for the sleeve of the Hello Kitty.
  • The head of Hello Kitty is larger than its body and this is one of the reasons it is super cute. Roll a large part of fondant into an oval shape. Make sure that it is larger than the body. Use your hand and your fondant smoother to make the white fondant piece and oval flat shape.

  • Large head hello kitty
  • Use your hands to make two pointy ends. These will be the ears of the kitty.

  • Ears with fondant
  • Set 3 skewers and trim them to a length so that 1/3 third of the skewer is in the body and two thirds are in the head in order to keep the head stable and secured on the body.
  • The base of the figure will be later attached to a cake that has been previously covered with icing or frosting. The shape will be stable once you insert the skewers into the base of the cake.
  • Use a fondant mold to create a flower for the head. Or use the bow mold to create a pink bow for the head.

  • Flower for the hello kitty head
  • Use yellow and black fondant to create the nose and the eyes.

  • Nose and eyes kitty
  • It is very important to let the head dry for 2 days before attaching it to the body because it is quite heavy and if it is not fully dry it will fall down.
  • Lower the head to the body and make sure that the contact points in the body are wet so that the head will stick.

  • Attach figure to cake
  • Add the signature black whiskers and then let the figure dry for a week in a cold dark place before attaching it. You can easily attach the figure to a cake or a cupcake.

  • Roll fondant hands