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Hello Kitty Cafe Restaurant

The Hello Kitty Cafe concept, a place to go and relaxing

Curiously, it was not in Japan where the idea to dedicate Hello Kitty a commercial place, where people could eat and drink, was born. However, the company Sanrio, absolute owner of the brand, has never hesitated to support any proposal to diversify and strengthen their brand. And the idea to give a new house to their beloved girl, created in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu and developed by Yuko Yamaguchi, seemed wonderful.

It is no surprise that any space that could potentially multiply the profits of their Hello Kitty licenses catches the interest Sanrio. Under this premise, they granted the South Korean company, Jacob F & B Co., Ltd. the rights to use the image of Hello Kitty and open a coffee shop in an upscale shopping area of Seoul. The proposal to offer variety to the Hello Kitty series was complemented with the design of this Cafe’s logo, which refined the silhouette of the kitten in 2008 and became one of the most popular advertising images of the season.

Helo Kitty Café Hello Kitty's face in a Cafe managed to connect consumers with the charm of this fantasy character, said Kim Jong Seok, representative of Jacob F & B Co. Ltd. He said the image of Hello Kitty added an element of happiness to the daily action of having a coffee. And the same feeling of joy represented by this sweet character accompanies their cookies, ice creams and their whole menu.

The palette of tones and color combinations used for the logo conveniently reminds all of the products offered at Hello Kitty Cafe. The colors are brown, pink and white, sober and appealing colors that certainly bring comfort and genuinely attract all kind of costumers, regardless of their age.

This way, South Korea welcomed Hello Kitty Cafe and, with multiple and intense publicity campaigns invited its inhabitants and visitors to meet this specialized establishment that offers all delicious types of coffees, drinks and pastry. "Our business idea is focused on driving visitors through a real experience, but full of fantasy, colors and flavors, and, at the same time, lead consumers to an ideal world full of joy, representing Hello Kitty, which has been with many of us for the last 40 years", said Kim Jong Seok at the opening party of the establishment.

Jong Seok says on its website that the Hello Kity Cafe is “a high-class Cafe which reveals an original feature of our only Helo Kitty with its differentiated and refined taste and customer service strategy”. Thanks to these characteristics, Hello Kity Cafe became a reference point for this same type of business in other parts of the world, since the coffee shop opened almost a decade ago in Seoul. However, just the image of the girly kitten is enough to maintain a unique taste and style that is completely different from the rest of the other Cafes. On top of all that, the interior and exterior design of the space invites people from all generations to have a pleasant experience and share moments of joy.

Kitty Cafe in Seoul strives to always have special products, where "the princess of the menu" is always present. "Users can feel empathy, and their visit becomes an experience similar to the enjoyment of any diversified cultural space", says Jong Seok. This is part of the advertising concept that Hello Kitty Cafe is sold to its customers.

Hello Kitty Cafe: a Social Communication Company

Kitty Coffee Shop In 2010, Hello Kity Cafe not only continued to stimulate the five senses of the consumers with a variety of coffees, cookies and other edibles. In addition to diversifying the food supply and growing as one of the best eating brands in the Republic of South Korea, the company took the initiative to bring its strategies to social action. In this way, it attracted the interest of many people and communities interested in providing support to social groups in need for assistance.

That same year, Kim Jong Seok publicly stated the desire to extend the activities of Jacob F & B Co., Ltd. and carry out a social work, by returning 1% of the monthly income collected to invest in improvements for the society. With a variety of strategies and product developments the Jacob F & B Co., Ltd. manages to smoothly run their company, but also they want to return love and support to society with returning of the 1% movement for the community.

This initiative made them even more popular because they were able to become a company that not only shares happiness with others, but helps its struggling neighbors with regular voluntary social activities. "Once again, we want to state our sincere commitment, stimulate dreams and share hope by offering care and support” said Jong Seok. “As the Hello Kitty Cafe we receive too much affection. Now is the time to be protective of those who face great difficulties in their community and help them overcome problems that could prevent them from being beautiful and healthy people".

Jacob F & B Co., Ltd. Collaborates with the NGO World Human Bridge, an international aid project, which has developed a variety of community businesses to serve disadvantaged people around the world.

Eating with Hello Kitty Cafe around the world

Helo Kitty Coffee Cup But this thoughtful Kitty Cafe in the heart of Seoul is not the commercial establishment that displays the adorable image of Hello Kitty. The Changi Airport, in Singapore, opened a Cafe-restaurant completely dedicated the famous Japanese character in May of 2016 that offers a 24 hour service.

Kitty chocolate cookies It is a very special place that can be visited by all lovers of the famous character, anytime. As you can imagine by now, it consists of a cafeteria and restaurant with the theme of Hello Kitty, both in the decoration and on the menu. The space is decorated with pink and white colors, as well as flowers and bow-shaped chairs. The menu offers breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, starters and drinks suitable for all tastes, but inspired by the local gastronomy.

And obviously, the United States of America would never pass an opportunity like this serve its consumers a different experience when they need to take a break and choose a place to share a snack. In Irvine, California, a cafeteria that drove its diners crazy opened in July 2016. Everyone is delighted to eat cakes and have coffees with the unmistakable pink packaging and the face of America’s favorite kitty, even if they have to wait a long time in line.