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Hello Kitty is probably one of the most famous characters in the recent history. We can say today that this particular creation of the Yuko Shimizu’s mind is more a brand that a single character, but we are going to talk about that in a while. First of all, is imperative to know all the background that surrounds this particular personage.

As we already said, Kitty was created for Yuko Shimizu in 1974, the character belongs to the Japanese company Sanrio and even today is the most popular in the history of the company. Its describe it as an anthropomorphic character, mostly recognized as a cat even though Sanrio has something to said in this particular subject.

The design of Kitty responds to the kawaii style which is a very particular way to refer the cuteness in something, it’s a concept in the Japanese culture that covers a number of things that can be classified with in this notion. In his original form, the word means or refer the dazzling, the glaring of an article. It’s important to know this because is the main reason for the esthetic that Hello Kitty has develop over the years, always whit very bright colors that claims the attention of everyone.

But, as we said, today the concept has evolved to refer something that its "cute" or the level of cuteness that this thing has. You can say that a very important part of the Kitty success was giving for the adaptation of the character to this concept that has a very huge and strange highlight point in the early 70s in Japan.

Hello Kitty background

The History of Hello Kitty Everything stars with an idea. In the case of Shintaro Tsuji, was a bright idea. Sanrio has always been very consequent with the idea of the product that develops, even in the first years of the company and their first product, they always have produced in the kawaii territory or style. Tsuji notes that the gains or profits of his products were even better when he added a "cute" design that make the product more interesting or cool. After this very opportune observation of the market behavior, Tsuji hire cartoon designers to make an original line of characters for the products in the future.

Is in this moment when Helo Kitty was born, she appeared the first time in a vinyl coin purse in 1974 and the success was immediate. Other character was created in this early years of the company such as Keroppi, Badtz-Maru or Tuxedo Sam, but none of them has had the huge impact that Hello Kity has, but there okay —common, they have a place in our hearts too, don’t be mean—

The faceless cartoon put Sanrio in the real business, in the eye of the world that begging to consume all the products with the face of Kitty. Sanrio started selling sandals and today is worldwide company — yeah, sandals, we know, it’s crazy—.

The popular culture and Hello Kitty: a true friendship

It is not a secret to anyone, Hello Kity has a very important place not only in the Japanese culture when everything started but in the worldwide popular culture as well. We said in previous lines that you might think Kitty as a bran more than just a single character of Sanrio’s fictional world and the reason to said something like that is because no matter where you are, you can always find a backpack, a pencil, a notebook, whatever you want with the face of Kity.

The popular culture is full with things that have the mark of this particular character, even when the company go through some very difficult times in 1978, you can say that the Kitty saved their life as a company. Yuko Yamaguchi, who has been the principal developer of the Kitty’s line of products across the years, has always stood out the importance of the television, the cinema and the fashion world to the creation of all the products and different lines that the brand has.

Hello Kity was conceived as a Britain character because in that particular moment of the time, many foreign cultures were having a very important impact in the Japanese culture. During the XX century, Japan has built its own culture using symbols brought from other cultures. Even one of the most famous contemporary Japanese writer as Haruki Murakami —probably the most famous of all— its constantly using subjects from the American culture such as jazz, blues, cinema and more. It’s a very particular theme and there’s a lot of books where you can read about this subject.

Hello Kitty & the Popular culture As you can see, the popular culture feeds with Helo Kitty and Helo Kitty feeds with the popular culture, is a two sides relationship that has been going on since the first days of the character. With the arrival of the Hello Kitty merchandise to the United States, in 1976, a very important process of evolution began. The impulse was huge and sooner than the expected the character was a worldwide phenomenon.

In 2014, Sanrio register a worth for the Hello Kitti personage of 7 billion dollars a year. Once again you can see how big is this character for the entire world population. One of the principal reasons for this huge amount of value is that the developers of Sanrio are always innovating with new products, new images, new targets. Even though that in the beginning the character was conceived for a girly population, during the 90s, Sanrio find ways to expand the reach of his market and targets in order to touch even the world of adults, with a Kitty retro line for those adults that could not enjoyed the products when they were younger.

Innovation is the key. Another example of that is the change for darker colors because this is the mark of the fashion world. Or that line for teenagers that creates very cool stuffs that engaged the vision of that particular population that is not adult but they aren’t kids either —yes, that is a very difficult time for every one of us, don’t worried, it will pass.

So, as you can see, the variation and all the markets that Hello Kity has tried to reach is the reason why they are a very large company today, by making only products that are effective and attractive.

What represents the Hello Kitty character ?

Despite of what we can think, the star personage of the Sanrio world is not just a cartoon develop for merchandise. Through the years, his creators have been always highlighted the values behind the personage. Yuko Yamaguchi says that Kitty is a friend, it is not just pure draw or image. For example, Yamaguchi tells that the reason of why Kitty does not have a mouth and have no visible expression in his face is because they want that anyone can project any feeling that they have into the character and generates in that way, some sort of empathy.

You may think this is crazy thoughts but the truth is that many of the characters that we see on television or find in a book are always represented something more. Why this should be different for a cartoon character?

It’s all about help people to feel better with themselves and whatever ongoing situation in their lives. As we said, it is a friend, someone you can trust. Is not only a cat, even more, for Sanrio’s people is a little girl with a normal life and problems and that is the final reason of why you can empathize with her. Friendship and understanding, the real and powerful values behind the Kitty.

Hello Kitty and his jump to the TV world

Since the moment that the character becomes super famous around the world, the proliferation of television series with her in it go in rise. Leading to Hello Kity to a several amounts of adventures in very different formats and worlds.

The very first in 1986 named Hello Kity’s furry tale theater. This show where very particular because it was a reinterpretation or rather a parody, some sort of comedy of the most popular fairy tales or even movies of that moment, not only on Japan but in America as well. For example, Cinderella, Pinocchio, E.T, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, amount others. Although the series did not last long, it was very popular in that moment because it was a very funny and new way to see the classical stories that we all know.

How Hello Kitty jump to TV World After that came Hello Kitty and friends. In this universe, Kitty is a regular female character that lives with his mon and dad and a twin sister —yes, as you read it, Hello Kity have a twin sister that uses different colors in his clothes, is in third grade— in London. It is here where we can see a character a little more human, with the problems and imagination of any regular girl of her age. 13 episodes where made of this series.

Later, Helo Kitty’s Paradise made his appearance. It was a show for kids and it was the television series that stay the most time on air in with his weekly transmission, with a total of 32 episodes between 1999 and 2011. Even in the 3D world Kitty put a firm step with The Adventures of Kitty & Friends produced entirely for Sanrio and the digital company they have. Pochacho, Badtz-Maru, Keroppi and other very famous Sanrio’s characters appears on this series.

The creators of all this stories has given to Hello Kiti a very particular biography and characteristics that now we are going to share with you because is very funny:

  • Place of birth: London.
  • Blood type: A.
  • Birthday: 1 of November.
  • Favorite meal: Hello Kity loves the apple pie that his mother made, it’s delicious!
  • She is good in: making pies.
  • Weight: 3 apples —seriously Kitty, stop eating so much pie—
  • Height: 5 apples.
  • Favorite word: friendship.
  • Twin sister: her name is Mimmy and she loves spend time with Kitty, they are very close.

As you can see, Kitty loves friendship but also, she really really loves apples.

Sanrio also announced the develop of a movie of Helo Kitty that will come out in 2019. What kind of adventures will she live? We will have to wait for that, but given the ingenious that these people put in the creation of his worlds, we can assure that it’s going to be an awesome movie to watch with the family. Wait for it!

Hello Kitty music and comic

Hello kity also have business in music, or what you think? Of course, the brand album includes songs of very famous Japanese singers. Also in the comic book world, a several characters develop for Yuko Yamaguchi in the past where use it to create a super heroin called "Ichigoman".

Kitty represent a very huge icon in today’s worldwide culture. It’s everywhere, all the time, because the people loves it, it has something very special and for that, it’s probably going to be part of our world for very long time. As a phenomenon, Helo Kitty represents all those things that you can do with a cartoon yes, but also and most important, with an idea.